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Momus Has an Addiction

Enough with the snow already. Linus dumped a blanket of about 16 inches on our heads and now my son is home from school again for the 42nd day in a row. Our clients, however, all live in sunny places where they can still park their cars on the street and do frivolous things like banking and shopping.


Momus Has an Addiction

Stop it!


This is all a long-winded way of telling you that we’re under the gun over here and having some trouble finding time for the funny. Instead, I share with you one of Momus’ early posts which was seen by a total of about 10 eyeballs (four of them being ours). As they say about summer re-runs: It’s new to you! I hope you enjoy:

Falling in Love with Smart Women: My Fatal Addiction

And let us all pray for no more snow.

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